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Explore the galaxy, build an empire und lead your people to honor and glory! In the universe of Omega Day you'll find six different races with individual strengths and weaknesses. From a trading nation to ship- and weapons specialists, each spectrum is covered. You decide which race you want to play and lead to success. But choose wisely and with caution.

Omega-Day - that means developing and building up your home planet, peaceful expansion through colonization or hostile invasion of other planets, fighting out huge space battles for supremacy in the various galaxies. In Omega-Day friends and foes are waiting for you. It is up to you who you choose as your ally, your trading partner or your war opponent.

Omega Day impresses with vast galaxies, filled with a variety of planets that you can build up to almost all your wishes. Or you'll find useful nebulas fitted for ressource-mining. Also customizable space ships offer you plenty of opportunities.

Will you be a conqueror, a feared pirate, or a successful trader? Find it out and sign up now at Omega-Day.